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Sensory Friendly Screenings are returning once a month!  The series starts with the animated Addams Family 2 on Saturday October 9, the first showtime of the day.

The idea of Sensory Friendly Screenings is to create a safe and fun space for little children who may frighten easily, or those that might have other sensitivity to normal theater film presentations.   The house lights are kept a bit higher for a good blend of visibility and presentation.  The sound is turned down a bit,  so as not to be jarring or frightening.  All films are first run theatrical engagements.

Upcoming features in this special series are Ron’s Gone Wrong,  Disney’s animated Encanto and the delightful animated musical Sing 2 .

Consult  for the Sensory Friendly screening time at your preferred location.  It will play at all our theaters the first Saturday of the month, first show of the day.

When selecting your title, be aware this same film will likely be playing in another auditorium, just with normal sound and light levels.  So, look for the Sensory Friendly designation.

Schools or groups interested in a private auditorium rental or buyout should contact Group Sales at



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