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Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my Star Rewards Membership card, can I still earn points?

Yes, simply give the cashier your phone number registered to the account prior or during the transaction in order for you to accrue points.

How do I join the Star Rewards Loyalty Card Program?

Pick up your FREE Star Rewards Membership card at your local ShowBiz Cinemas theatre.

How do I register a new account?

Please visit our Star Rewards page to register and activate your new Star Rewards Membership.

How do I register a replacement Membership card?

To activate a replacement Membership card, please contact CUSTOMER SERVICE . Specify that you need to register a replacement card and a customer service representative will contact you regarding your account. - NOTE: An activated card is not needed to continue earning your Star Rewards loyalty points. Simply use your phone number when purchasing tickets or concessions.

Is it possible to transfer points earned from an original Star Rewards Membership card to my replacement Membership card?

Yes, however, only points earned are transferable.  The 1 point gained for registering your card is not transferable.

How can I check the point balance on my Star Rewards Membership card?

To check your account balance, please log into your Star Rewards Membership account on our Star Rewards page by entering your 14-digit account number or registered phone number. Your current point balance will be shown upon login.

How can I update my Star Rewards Membership account? For example, changing my password or e-mail address?

Please login to your Star Rewards Membership account on our Star Rewards page. On the right hand side, there will be an “update account” option.  Click this and update your desired information.

I think I may have earned a reward, how can I know for sure?

A congratulatory email is sent to you when an award is issued. Please login to your Star Rewards Membership account on our Star Rewards page. If you have any rewards, they will be displayed within your account, as well as the reward expiration date(s). 

What rewards will I receive from the Star Rewards program?

Please visit our Star Rewards page for information on current reward details.